Comprehensive College Admissions Counseling Packages

Our comprehensive admissions package is the gold standard of admissions counseling. You'll receive one-on-one help from one of our expert admissions coaches, assistance with your essays, and guidance from start to finish in the admissions process. This package is ideal for high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors looking for expert advice through every step of the college admissions journey. 

Key Features of Admissions Counseling

  • Expert advice and comprehensive support from an admissions counselor for every stage of the admissions process.
  • Assistance choosing the best schools for you.
  • Help discovering your “hook” for your admissions essays and assistance with the editing process.
  • Planning of extracurricular activities and strategies for making you stand out from the crowd.
  • Time management and guidance to ensure that your applications are on time and worry free.

One-on-One Coaching When you Need it

  • You will be teamed up with an expert admissions counselor who will work with you from start to finish throughout the admissions process.
  • Your journey begins with an extended initial evaluation via Skype where your expert admissions counselor will go over your academic history, discuss your goals with you, and begin the process of choosing schools that are the best fit for you. This initial session will lay the groundwork of your college application plan that will take you through every step in the process.
  • You get year-round access to your admissions coach via Skype, telephone, email, and text. You can schedule an appointment to speak with your consultant whenever you need help with a particular issue or you need a question answered about your college applications. Your admissions coach is ready to help you when you need it most.
  • A late fall meeting to review your progress, provide support, continue work on turning your weaknesses into strengths, and assistance refining your list of “best fit” schools.
  • A late-winter meeting to make decisions about summer activities and begin planning your extracurricular activities and classes for the year ahead.
  • A late-spring meeting to confirm summer plans, review your progress, and finalize plans for the upcoming academic year.
  • If you are a junior, we will plan college visits, strategize for standardized tests and review their results as part of your scheduled sessions.
  • Parents are welcome to join these conversations at any time.

Choosing a School that is the best fit for you

  • From start to finish, we will work closely with you to discover exactly what kind of college experience you want to have. Every student is different which means that some students will thrive in big schools that are bustling with diversity and activities, others will feel at home in small liberal arts colleges where close personal bonds can be formed, and others want only the most rigorous and academically demanding programs. Our goal is to find schools that are the best fit for you so that you can get the most out of your college experience.
  • You and your counselor will discuss your academic and career goals and determine which programs, majors, and departments are right for you. You’ll also have help planning for your long-term career goals and finding a program that will put you on the path to professional success.
  • We will guide you through the process of choosing the right fit from among the schools to which you have been admitted.
  • Your counselor also supports and advises you as you navigate early admissions, waiting lists, and communicating your admission decisions.  
  • Throughout the admissions process, your counselor will give you an honest and strategic assessment of your chances of being admitted to particular schools. Many schools are extremely competitive and we will help you develop a robust list of schools to apply to so that your chances of admissions success are maximized and tailored to fit you.

  • Throughout the application process your admissions counselor will regularly evaluate your progress and help you choose extracurricular activities that will enhance your chances of admission success. We help you discover how your extracurricular activities can help you build upon your strengths, minimize your weaknesses as an applicant, and be transformed into a “hook” for your admissions essay.
  • Your counselor will also help you plan your summer activities, when appropriate, including assisting you with applications for summer opportunities and giving expert advice on creating your resume.

Planning Extracurricular Activities

  • Your admissions counselor will help you to craft winning college essays that will highlight your story and impress your dream school. Writing your essay is your chance to stand out from the crowd and you’ll receive actionable advice on how to make your essay tell your story with passion and professionalism.
  • During your senior year, you and your admissions counselor will work together to determine what your “hook” is that makes you unique and brainstorm ideas for your essays.
  • Your counselor will also help you manage your time during the writing process by reminding you when you should begin writing and joining you for one-on-one Skype sessions to review and edit your work.
  • Your counselor gives your essays extensive personalized attention including content critiques and editorial input. During the writing process your counselor can help you brainstorm ideas and answer your questions so that you can write with confidence. Once you’ve written your essays, your admissions counselor will read up to 20 copies of your drafts to ensure that your essays are impressively written, free from errors, and that they represent you at your very best.

Expert Admission Essay Guidance

  • You will work closely with your admissions coach to review your current and future curriculum.
  • We can help you decide which courses to take, and which to avoid, in order to maximize your chances of admissions success.

Taking the Right Courses

  • We provide you with support navigating financial aid and scholarships by advising you on which applications to fill out and helping you identify merit based scholarships that are right for you.
  • Your admissions counselor can also help you make college decisions based on tuition costs and give you important insights on other costs such as housing, books, and other big expenses related to your college experience.

Financial Aid

  • Your admissions counselor will work closely with you when it is time to submit your applications. You counselor can also review your applications to ensure that they are filled out in an effective, complete, and timely manner.
  • Time management is a big part of the admissions process and we are here to help. We can give you reminders via text or email so that you remember to meet important deadlines such as requesting letters of recommendations and transcripts.
  • We will help you strategize on confusing aspects of the admissions process such as early admissions, early action, waitlists, and priority deadlines.

Submitting Your Applications

  • Your admissions counselor will help you decide which standardized tests to take such as the SAT, the ACT, and subject specific tests. Your counselor can also give you advice on when to schedule those exams.
  • Ivy Academic Prep also offers one-on-one test preparation tutoring to students who want to improve their test scores (tutoring services are sold separately). Click here to learn more about out tutoring services.

Planning for Standardized Tests

  • We welcome the insights and questions of parents throughout the application process. Choosing the right schools, planning for financial aide, determining when and how to plan college visits, and finding an educational environment where a student can thrive are big decisions that often require the wisdom and input of the whole family. Parents may participate as little or as much as they want throughout the application process.
  • Both students and parents are invited to contact their admissions counselor at any time to schedule appointments for one-on-one discussions or to ask quick questions in times of need. Your counselor is available to you via Skype, telephone, email, and text.
  • Parents gain additional peace of mind knowing that our admissions counselors are keeping an eye on the calendar and helping students stay on schedule and on track with the admissions process. If desired, we will include both the parents and the students in all of our communications including time-sensitive reminders to schedule standardized tests and submit application materials before their due dates.
  • When gathering information to learn about a student’s interests, dream schools, educational priorities, and career goals, we also gather information from parents so that their feedback is taken into account as we craft an admissions strategy tailored to each individual student. 

Working with Parents

  • Your admissions counselor will help you to understand the Common Application, assist you in the creation of your resume, advise you on high priority communications with colleges, and give you actionable insights so that you can be strategic in your college applications.
  • Working with an admissions counselor from Ivy Academic Prep gives you an introspective push to help you express yourself rather than trying to fit you into a mold. Our goal is to help you express yourself and show your prospective schools what your passions are. Each student receives individual attention and personalized advice to showcase their talents and impress their dream schools.
  • Preparing college applications can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Those who work with an admissions counselor often experience less stress and report feelings of higher levels of organization and control throughout the process than those who work on their own.
  • The admissions process can be confusing and complex. By working with an admissions counselor at Ivy Academic Prep, you can ask our expert counselors questions and gain confidence in your understanding of the intricacies of the application process.

Additional Benefits of Working with an Admissions Counselor from Ivy Academic Prep