Student and Parent Testimonials

I got into UC Berkeley, one of the HARDEST schools I applied to and my absolute top choice!!! I’m so excited!! I got into their College of Engineering for Industrial Engineering and Operations research. Ivy Academic Prep helped me with my UC essays so much. They helped me with my resume and other application materials to help me build the perfect image of myself through the 4 UC essays. Hard work pays off! I’m so glad we spent the time working on the essays together.
— S. Chen
Ivy Academic Prep is incredible and working them raised my already excellent exam scores 32% over the course of two months. It was a great experience from start to finish. Highly recommended!
— Maria V.
The admissions counseling is phenomenal. Working with my admissions coach in one-on-one sessions revolutionized my applications, transformed how I wrote my admissions essays, and was the key factor in getting me into my “dream” school.
— Desi A.
I’m a Chinese citizen working towards a degree at an Ivy League school. Since English is my second language, and my educational background is so different that the US system, I struggled writing my college applications. Writing essays, choosing the schools that were the best fit for me, deciding on a major, and even thinking about the possibility that I might have to do an admissions interview all seemed so daunting. It was a real challenge to adapt to the US education system and I felt like I was failing miserably. Finally I decided to work with Matt to help me with my admissions process. It was the best decision I ever made. Now I write with confidence and I’m graduating in the Spring at the top of my class. I highly recommend this program.
— Yung C.
My son got admitted to all three of his top choices: University of Washington, Gonzaga, and UCLA. He wasn’t at the top of his class and he was involved in sports but didn’t have much experience as a leader or with community service, but Ivy Academic Prep started helping his when we was a sophomore and we transformed him into a shining applicant. After working so hard, it was exhilarating for him to be able to choose between his dreams schools. I have two other children who are starting high school and we will definitely be signing them up with Ivy Academic Prep.
— John B.
Ivy Academic Prep helped me improve my Common App essays and they also helped me choose which schools to apply to. I’m a second year student at Columbia now and I absolutely love it. Until I worked with Ivy Academic Prep, I didn’t even know that I had a chance of getting into Columbia. I love Ivy Academic Prep!
— James M.
Thank you, Ivy Academic Prep! You helped me get a 1580 on my SAT!
— W. Min
Ivy Academic Prep gave me invaluable feedback on my essays. I thought my essays were pretty good, but then Matt helped me and I found out that there were ways that I could dramatically improve them. I think that having that professional help made a big difference on my college applications.
— Mark M.
I received help with four drafts of my college application essays (Common App and Supplemental) and I was blown away by how much my writing improved as a result. The amount of feedback that you receive is impressive in and of itself, but the quality of the comments were far better than the advice I received from my teachers and friends. The consultants at Ivy Academic Prep are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.
— Fernando R.
I’ve had four different tutors during my time as a high school student. Matt worked with me on my ACT and he is by far the best tutor I’ve ever worked with. Some tutors just know the materials, but Matt really knows how to teach. I am recommending Ivy Academic Prep to all of my friends.
— Vihaan P.
Stanford, here I come! Thank you, Ivy Academic Prep. I would have been lost without you.
— Min-jun P.
I was admitted into Boston University! My father and I are elated about the news and I wanted to thank Ivy Academic Prep for helping us with my essay because I doubt I would’ve gotten in without their help.
— Richard M.
After two years at Brown, I am thriving as a student and am confident in my plans to become a lawyer. I would not be on this path to success without Ivy Academic Prep and the help they gave me on my college applications.
— Julia C.
When I got the acceptance letter from Johns Hopkins in the mail, I nearly fainted! I can’t believe that I got in! Thank you!
— Yung-Chi C.