One-on-One Test Preparation Tutoring with Elite Ivy League Tutors

We offer one-on-one test preparation tutoring to students online via Skype. Our exceptional test prep tutors are available when you need them. Our services include test prep tutoring for the LSAT, the GRE, the PSAT, and the SAT and ACT tests. 

Elite TUtors

Your path to success begins with education. At Ivy Academic Prep we believe that to be a truly exceptional student, you have to work with truly exceptional tutors. Our private tutors are proven experts in the subjects they teach: They taught at top schools like Yale University, they graduated from Ivy League schools, they are trained professional teachers, and they scored in the top 1% of the tests they teach. To achieve elite results, you need elite tutors.

Proven Study Techniques

Our exceptional tutors have more than just high scores and top degrees, they also have professional training in high-impact teaching and tutoring methods. The private tutors at Ivy Academic Prep are highly trained educators and they have extensive teaching experience. All of our tutors invest in regular training to be better tutors so that you can get higher scores. Teaching is an art form, and we work hard to perfect our art.

Confidence and Trust

In order to earn high test scores you first have to master the content. But those who truly excel also learn how to trust their own instincts and how to make difficult decisions under pressure. Our program is designed to instill confidence and to hone your intuition so that you can bridge the gap between knowing the content and succeeding under pressure.

When you work with Ivy Academic Prep, you learn more than the knowledge you need to get great scores. You also learn how to study more effectively, how to be a critical thinker, how to be a better reader, and how to ignite your love of learning. We don’t just teach you how to get better scores, we teach you how to be a better learner so that you have the confidence and the intellectual skills needed for educational success.

Each of our students works with an elite tutor to create an individualized plan for success. Every learner has different strengths and different needs and we will work with your strengths to give you the high-impact educational experience you deserve.

Exceptional Results

We tailor our tutoring to meet your needs and to fit your schedule. When you work with a private tutor from Ivy Academic Prep, we will help you create an action plan and help you manage your time to get you the results you want. Your success is our goal.